Download and Activate McAfee

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How to Download McAfee on Windows and Mac

The guidelines given below will help the user to download the antivirus conveniently. It is not easy to use the antivirus software at its optimum without downloading it. Here are the guidelines to follow.

1. First, click on the icon related to the appearing web browser in your device.
2. Then, insert the link in the specific search bar. Now, go to the keyboard of your device and tap on “Enter”.
3. Please search for the option associated with My Account and click on it.

4. When you click on the section My Account, it will redirect you to several other options.
5. Now, Enter into your account by clicking on Sign in by inserting every information required for login.
6. The new users can click on the Login option for creating a new account. 7. Now, move to choose the type of system along with a subscription suited to your McAfee account.
8. You can initiate the process of download by clicking on the option.
9. After then, you will need to enter the address related to your email.
10. Now, click on the section appearing as Send the link if willing to download the antivirus on some other device.
11. After clicking on the Download tab, please wait for the process to get it completed.

How to Install McAfee on Windows and Mac

Downloading the McAfee file will not take much time, but the users will need to complete it carefully. Once the downloading will be completed, the users will need to install it. The users can follow the guidelines given below to install McAfee.

1. After clicking on the Start tab, launch your search thoroughly for the setup file by using the link:
2. After getting the file, click double on it.
3. When you click double on the file, it will start installing the file.
4. After then, wait for the confirmation regarding installation to be completed.

How to Activate McAfee

The below-mentioned guidelines will help the users and antivirus software subscribers to activate the package correctly. However, you will need to remain careful regarding Activation Key as it is not possible to activate the antivirus software without it. You can get it through your email if purchasing has been made through online mode. Sometimes it comes embedded on the McAfee product itself. After getting the Activation Key move to activate the antivirus by following the given guidelines.

1. Search for through the search bar and then hit the “Enter” option.
2. Now, please search for the section of My Account.
3. After searching My Account, click on it.
4. Search for the login section to enter the essential information.
5. After entering all the required information, click on Sign in.
6. Now, you will be redirected to the section of Activation Key.
7. You will need to insert the 25 character alphanumeric activation key and then click on it.
8. Then please tap on the Activation tab to get it activated.
9. After that, go to the Enter tab and hit on it.
10. Now, you will need to restart your device to implement the modifications.

McAfee Activate